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Auto Accident with Injuries

  Friday May 23rd: Dispatched for a Auto Accident with Injuries at the intersection of Main St and Rt 30. The Rescue Medic 5 and Amb 6 checked up. Crews arrived to find 3 vehicles on the roadway. Rescue crew secured the autos, and took care of the debris sweep. 2 patients were transported by EMS to local hospitals. Fire Police took care of traffic. Command placed the units in service at 1753hrs.

Automatic Fire Alarm

 Wednesday May 28th: Alerted for a Automatic Fire Alarm at 400 Ohio St. North Star High School. Boswell PD arrived and maintenance advised that they were working on a detector requesting fire dept to cancel.

Wire Down in the Borough

  Thursday May 15th: Alerted for Wires Down at the intersection of Morris Ave at Allegheny St. 605 Asst arrived to find a down cable line. Fire police shut down the roadway. Units were placed in service at 1622hrs.

Odor Investigation in the Twp

  Thursday May 15th: Alerted 0146hrs for a Electrical Odor in the residence at 240 Brogen Rd in Jenner Twp. District 608.  Rescue 1 responded. Crew arrived and assisted with finding the source. The Rescue was placed in service at 0225hrs.

Auto Accident

  Saturday May 3rd: Alerted at 2127hrs for a Auto Accident, Rt. 219 SB North of Rt.  30 at the Quemahoning Bridges. Rescue 1 checked up. Dispatch advised that PD was on scene advising 1 vehicle struck the bridge and that there was no injuries. Crew arrived handled the debris sweep and the rescue was placed in service.

Smoke Detector Activation

  Friday May 2nd: Dispatched for Smoke Detector Activation at 400 Ohio St, Boswell Borough. North Star High School. Prior to responding dispatch advised false alarm requesting fire dept to cancel.

Traffic Control

 Thursday May 1st: Dispatched to assist Stoystown (Sta 604) with Traffic Control due to a Commercial Auto Accident with Entrapment on Rt 30 at Stoystown Auto Wreckers. 605 FP 1 and Brush 3 handled shutting down the roadway. The roadway was reopened  and units were placed in service at 1447hrs.

Unknown Type Fire

  Friday April 18th: Alerted for a Unknown Type Fire at 2325 Lincoln Hwy. The Rescue, Brush, and Medic 5 checked up. 605 LT arrived to find a controlled burn. Command placed all units in service.

Early Morning Job in the Borough

  Thursday April 10th: Alerted just before 0500hrs for a residential structure fire at 325 Boswell Borough. The Engine and Rescue checked up. Engine 2 arrived with heavy smoke showing. 605 chief took the command. The Rescue got the to hit the plug and lay in to E-2. Engine crew made entry and got a quick knock. Truck 3 arrived and took the address. Crews opened up and vented vertically. Extensive overhaul operations were performed. Command placed the BVFD in service around 0700hrs. Jennerstown, Stoystown, Jerome, and Richland Township Fire Department assisted.

RIT Assignment 607 Box

  Monday April 8th: The Box dropped special call RIT Assignment for a trailer fire at 114 Neri Rd. Lincoln Twp. District 607. The Rescue checked up. Crew arrived and stood by on the scene. 607 got the quick knock. The Rescue was placed in service at 1810hrs.

Wires on Fire in the Borough

  Thursday March 30th: Alerted at 2232hrs for Wires Burning at 322 Juniata St in the Borough. Engine 2 and Medic 6 checked up. Crews arrived notified the power company. The Engine was placed in service at 2355hrs.

Assist 606 with Tanker 4

  Saturday March 22nd: Dispatched at 2138hrs for a Tanker Assignment to assist Sta. 606 (Jennerstown) for a rekindle at 6642 Somerset Pike. Tanker 4 was placed in service at 2244hrs.

Engine 1 first in on 2nd Due House Fire

 Thursday March 20th:  The box alarm dropped just before lunch time for a house fire at 6642 Somerset Pike in Jenner Twp. District 606. Engine 1, Tanker 4, and Medic 6 all checked up. Dispatch advised enroute possible entra...pment. Engine 1 arrived to find a 2 story residential with heavy fire showing. Engine crew pulled multiple hand lines and went to work with a interior attack. E608 laid approximately 900ft of LDH up a driveway. E604 supplied the LDH to feed Engine 1. A tanker shuttle was setup and E603 established a fill site at green gables. Crews worked to contain the fire and performed extensive overhaul operations. PSP fire marshal is investigating. The BVFD was placed in service at 1401hrs. While crews were operating on this fire another box alarm dropped in district 631, units were diverted to handle that incident. Special thanks to Richland Fire for standing by in our station covering the borough and township.



Tanker Assignment District 626

  Wednesday March 19th: Dispatched special call 2nd alarm for Tanker 4, Structure Fire 224, School Rd in Shade Twp. District 626. Tanker 4 arrived, and shuttled 1 load of water. The Tanker was released and in service at 1304hrs.


Reported Tree Down

  Wednesday March 12th: Alerted for a reported tree down in the area of Commonwealth Rd at Pilltown Rd. The Rescue responded and nothing was found.

Animal Rescue

  Thursday February 27th:  Alerted for the 3rd time of the day for a Animal Rescue on Willison Rd in Jenner Twp. District 606. The Rescue arrived to find a Cow stuck in mud in a pond. Crews worked for approximately and hour before the could free the cow. Units were placed in service.

Excavator Fire

 Thursday February 27th: Crews remained busy thursday morning, while cleaning up from the building fire, dispatch sent out the alert for a Excavator Fire at 103 Golf Course Rd in Jenner Twp. The Rescue handled the incident.

Commercial Building off in the 1st Due

  Thursday February 27th: As crews were still at the station from the CO alarm the box alarm dropped just after 0300hrs for a Commercial Building Fire, at 103 Golf Course Rd, Jenner Twp, The Oakton Hotel. The Engine, Rescue, Tanker, and Medic 6 all went on the air for the assignment with a staffing of 15. Engine 2 arrived to find heavy fire on the bravo charlie side. Due to extremely high winds the building was well involved within minutes forcing crews to go defensive. Crews pulled multiple handlines and a blitzfire. A fold a tank was setup for a tanker shuttle to feed engine 2. E607-4 established a fill site on Golf Course Rd. Truck 3 was put into service and was supplied by E-2. Crews worked for several hours battling through the freezing temperatures and high winds. Command placed the box in service at 0725hrs.  Jennerstown, Stoystown, Sipesville, Acosta, and  Richland Twp Fire Department assisted

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CO Detector Activation

  Thursday February 27th: Alerted at 0116hrs for a CO Detector Activation at 129 Jenners St in Jenners. Engine 2 and Medic 6 checked up. Engine 2 arrived, crews investigated with meters and had 0 readings. After investigation crew determined that it was a faulty detector. Command placed the fire department in service.

Auto Accident on Pilltown Rd

  Monday February 17th: Alerted at 0116hrs for a Auto Accident with Unknown Injury on Pilltown Rd at the 219 bridge. The Rescue, Medic 5 and 6 all checked up. Dispatch advised that caller stated he believed the vehicle traveled off 219, landed on its roof, and its unknown if anyone is in the vehicle. Crews arrived to find a single vehicle on its roof with nobody around the vehicle. Medic 5 and 6 were placed in service. The Rescue remained on the scene until the towing service removed the vehicle.


Traffic Control for Minor Auto Accident

  Wednesday February 12th: Alerted just after 1300hrs for Traffic Control as a result of an Auto Accident on Main St at Rt 30. The Rescue handled the incident. The vehicles were moved off the roadway, PSP arrived, and the Rescue was placed in service.

2 Weather Related Accidents

  Sunday February 9th: As a snow squall struck the area quickly BVFD was alerted for a Rollover Accident on Rt. 219 SB North of Rt 30. M605-6 and The Rescue responded. R631 was already on the road for an accident and assisted. M605-6 transported 2 patients to Somerset Hospital for minor injuries. The Rescue was placed in service. As the Rescue just got back into station, we were once again alerted for a Auto Accident on Rt. 219 SB at MM 41. The Rescue arrived to find no injuries. Crews determined that the car was just stuck in the snow. Command placed the Rescue in service.

Minor Auto Accident Rt. 219 South

  Friday February 7th: Alerted for at 1721hrs for a Auto Accident on Rt 219 South Bound at MM 36. The Rescue and Medic 6 responded. 605 LT arrived to find 1 vehicle into the guide rail off the side of the road. The driver of the vehicle was uninjured. Command placed the Rescue and EMS in service. Fire police remained on the scene to assist PSP with traffic.

Chimney Fire with Reported Extension

  Friday February 8th: Alerted for at 2200hrs for a Chimney Fire with Reported Extension at 2727 Jerome Hill Rd. in Conemaugh Twp. District 631. Engine 2, Rescue 1 and Tanker 4 checked up for the assignment. Engine 2 arrived first took the command. Truck 3 arrived took the address and laddered the building. The flu pipe was taken apart and placed OOS. Crews checked the structure for extension with negative findings. Command was turned over to 631. The BVFD was placed in service at 2256hrs.

Early Morning House Fire with Reported Entrapment

  Thursday January 30th: The box alarm dropped just after 0400hrs for a House Fire with Reported Entrapment on W 3rd St in Gray. The Rescue, Engine, and Tanker all checked up. While units were enroute dispatch advised that there were 2nd calls advising there was negative entrapment, that the homeowner made it out. E606-1 arrived and confirmed the working fire and advised crews they were going defensive. 607 Chief established the command. The Rescue hit the plug and established a water supply along with 608. Crews once again had to battle freezing temperatures while fighting the fire. Command requested a second alarm, bringing Sta. 604 and 631 for manpower. Crews worked through the wee hours of the morning. Extensive overhaul operations were performed. A Special Thanks to Herring Motors for providing a bus for firefighter rehab, and to Mcdonalds (Somerset Turnpike Exchange) for providing sandwiches. The BVFD was placed in service at 0947hrs.


2nd Due Chimney Fire

  Tuesday January 28th: While Engine 1 was still returning from the 626 box, another box alarm dropped for a chimney fire at 109 Wanda D Ave. in Jenner Twp. District 606. Engines 1 and 2 checked up for the assignment. Crews arrived to find fire in the flue and light smoke in the basement. 606 crew went to the roof to unclog the flue and extuinguished the fire with dry chemical. Engine crew checked for extension and ventilated the structure. The BVFD was placed in service at 1811hrs.

Engine Due on 2nd Alarm Assignment

  Tuesday January 28th: The BVFD was alerted just after 1300hrs for a House Fire on a 2nd alarm assignment at 2093 Shade Church Rd. in Shade Twp. District 626 Engine 1 checked up with 4. Crew arrived and went to work interior. In addition to fighting the fire crews had to fight the below 0 temperatures and wind. Crews worked the scene for several hours. Command released the 2nd alarm. Engine 1 was placed in service at 1709hrs.


Auto Accident Penn Ave North

  Friday January 10th: Alerted Friday evening for a Auto Accident on Penn Ave at Woodstown Hwy in Jenner Twp. The Rescue checked up with 4 and arrived to find 1 vehicle off the roadway into trees with a utility pole sheared. The driver was self extricated prior to arrival and was transported to Somerset Hospital by M605-6. Crew notified appropriate utility companies, secured the auto, and handled the traffic.  Command placed the Fire Dept. in service at 2349hrs.


Engine runs first call of the New Year

  Monday January 6th: As below 0 temperatures hit the area the BVFD was alerted for a odor of wires burning in a residence at 601 Stonycreek St in the borough. Engine 2 handled the assignment. Crews investigated and found the source to be coming from a malfunctioning furnace. The residence was checked for CO with negative findings. The homeowners were advised to call a heating professional. Command placed the engine in service.