Boswell Volunteer Fire Department

Serving and Protecting our Community Since 1908

History of the Boswell Fire Department

   The Boswell Volunteer Fire Department was started in 1908 by the Orenda Mining Company. It was appropriately named the Orenda Hose Company. The department was started with only 3 horse drawn fire units. In 1926 the company became incorporated and it's name changed to the Boswell Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

Around 1926 the B.V.F.D. purchased two Pierce Arrow Fire Trucks. At one time they also owned a Model T Chemical Unit. In 1933 an International truck, believed to be purchased from the Windber Volunteer Fire Department was bought. In 1953 the B.V.F.D. purchased a 1953 International Bruco Pumper Truck, it cost $ 25,000.00. This pumper was a 1000 GPM Hale Pump with a 500 gallon tank. It was known as Boswell's Hot Rod Fire Hydrant. Some folks believe this to be the largest pump on the East Coast. It was a unique pumper for it's day.
In 1954 Boswell purchased a 1954 Ford Bruco Squad Unit, it had a 250 GPM pump and a 100 gallon water tank. In 1958 Boswell purchased a GMC pumper, this unit was a 750 GPM Hale pump with a 250 gallon tank. In 1972 Boswell sold their Squad and purchased a 1972 Ford Squad Unit, it could seat 8 to 10 members.
In 1981 Boswell put together their first tanker unit. The tank was built by Highland Tank, Stoystown, PA. This chassis is a 1972 Chevey. In 1979 Boswell purchased a 1979 Hahn from the Hahn Corporation, Harrisburg, PA. The Hahn had a 1000 GPM Hale pump with a 750 gallon tank. In 1982 the B.V.F.D. had a major accident on Route 219, severely damaging the 1974 Squad unit. In the same year Boswell purchased a new Rescue Squad unit from 4 Guys, Meyersdale, PA. In 1983 Boswell purchased a new Ford Tanker. It has a gas motor, 800 series with a 2000 gallon tank, and 500 GPM PTO Hale Pump. This unit was also built by 4 Guys , Meyersdale, PA.

In 1986 the B.V.F.D. purchased a 1982 ambulance to serve the community of Boswell and surrounding areas. Prior to purchasing the ambulance, Boswell ran an IRV (Initial Response Vehicle) unit with Squad Truck. The ambulance was purchased from J & J Industries, Markleysburg, PA. In 1987 Boswell purchased a newer Demo ambulance from J & J Industries to replace the old one and in 1991 Boswell purchased a second ambulance. It was a 1978 Chevy from the Salesbury Volunteer Fire Department. They could now run two BLS (Basic Life Support) Units.

In 1993 Boswell purchased a 1993 Rescue Pumper. Manufacturing started in Ohio and was completed at Lincoln Supply, Somerset, PA. The pumper has a 1250 Waterous pump with a 1000 gallon tank. This unit replaced the Rescue Squad which was sold to the Mill Run Fire Department, Fayette County.

In 1994 the department purchased a brand new Maccoy Miller Module Ambulance from J & J Industries. At this time Boswell maintained three BLS ambulances. In 1996 Boswell sold the Chevy van ambulance. There was no need to maintain three ambulances.

In 1998 Boswell decided to upgrade its 1979 Hahn. They bought a 1998 Firefighter with a 1750 Darley pump, 1000 gallon poly-tank and a10 gallon class A foam tank. The Hahn was sold to the Acosta Volunteer Fire Department.

Believe it or not, the Boswell Volunteer Fire Department has been in the same location since the birth of 1908. The only difference is the building. The original was a two-story wood frame structure. In 1959 the wood frame structure was torn down and replaced with a cinder block building with red brick overlay.

The Boswell Volunteer Fire Department is proud to serve the residences of Boswell and surrounding areas. We dedicate our time and energy to the community.

In 1997 Bingo was started as a funds raiser. Bingo is held every Sunday. In 1998 the pavilion at our picnic grounds was enclosed to house our growing Bingo. It is also rented out for various functions.

The Boswell Volunteer Fire Department will celebrate  100 years of serving the community in 2008.

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