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Special Request for Tanker 4

  Tuesday December 21st 18:50HRS: Dispatched to Stoystown, 604 1st Due for a Propane Tank fire at Highland Tank & Steel. Tanker 4 responded and was cancelled shortly after. Tanker 4 was placed back into service.   605-109

Engine runs Flue Fire in 631 1st Due

  Tuesday December 21st 05:00HRS: Dispatched to assist Jerome (Sta. 631) with a Flue Fire at 210 North Main St. Davidsville. The Engine hit the street with 4 and got the assignment to stage. Engine 2 was released shortly after.   605-108

Zoo Crew runs job in the 1st Due

  Saturday December 11th 21:41HRS: Communications sent the dispatch out just before 10pm while the BVFD was at  there annual Christmas party for a House Fire on the 200 Block of Quemahoning St. The fire house was emptied within 2 minutes. The Engine arrived to find heavy fire on Bravo side Division 1. Engine crew was alerted by a bystander that there was possible entrapment. Command quickly notified communications with the update.  Engine 1 hit the plug at the corner of Stonycreek and Morris and layed in to Engine 2. Engine crew made entry and searched Division 1 and 2 of the structure to find nothing. Crews had the fire under control with 15 minutes. Crews ventilated the structure with PPV. Engine Crew and mutual aid companys assisted with extensive overhaul. The fire did not extend into the upper apartment.  Stoystown, Jerome, Jennerstown,  Richland Twp (RIT) and Somerset Ambulance (Stoystown Sta.) assisted. PSP Fire Marshall is investigating.  All units were in service around Midnight.   605-107

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Tanker Cancelled on Smoke in the Structure

  Friday December 10th 10:01HRS: Special Call for Tanker 4 to assist Sta. 610 (Conemaugh Twp) with Smoke in the Structure on Treasure Lane in Conemaugh Twp. The Tanker was cancelled prior to responding.   605-106

Minor 1 car Accident turns into 5 cars on Rt. 219

  Tuesday December 7th 07:20HRS: The Zoo Crew was alerted by Communications early Tuesday morning for a 1 car accident with no injuries on Rt 219 North near the Quemahoning bridges.  Rescue 1 hit the street with 4 and arrived to find 5 cars now involved. Ambul 6 arrived and started patient care and called for Medic 902 (Somerset Ambulance Stoystown Station). Ambul 5 transported 2 patients to Conemaugh Hospital. Rescue crew handled traffic and the debri sweep. The Rescue was placed back into service at 09:41hrs. PSP is investigating.   605-105


Tanker 4 runs 3 fires in 2 days to the Conemaugh Twp Area

  Saturday December 4th 21:18HRS: The Tanker was requested for the 3rd time in 2 days to the same 1st due for a Flue Fire at 4530 Somerset Pike. E631-1 arrived to take the Command and straged all incoming units on Somerset Pike. Tanker 4 was released by Command shortly after.   605-104

 Saturday December 4th 05:12HRS: The Tanker was requested once again to the same address as below but this time a Working House Fire. Tanker arrived and was once again placed into staging and was not needed. Tanker was placed into service at 07:00hrs.  605-103

 Friday December 3rd 21:43HRS: Tanker 4 was requested to assist Conemaugh Twp (Sta. 610) with Smoke in the Structure at 255 Dalton Rd. Johnstown. Tanker responded and arrived to be put in staging and was not used.   605-102

Rescue cancelled on Minor Accident

  Wednesday December 1st 09:01HRS: Dispatched to assist Acosta with a Vehicle Accident on Penn Ave near Hemmingers Junkyard. The Rescue was cancelled prior to responding.   605-101

2 transported from Accident at Rt. 30 & Rt. 219

  Monday November 29th  13:10HRS:  The Zoo Crew was alerted just after 1pm on the first day of Deer Season for a 2 car accident with injuries at the intersection of Rt. 30 and Rt. 219. The Rescue and Ambulance responded and arrived to find 2 injuries. Ambul 5 transported 1 to Somerset Hospital. Medic 902 was requested for the 2nd patient. The rescue handled traffic and the debri sweep. The rescue was placed into service at 14:26hrs.   605-100

Zoo Crew catches more work in the 2nd Due

  Thursday November 25th 02:01HRS: Crews were alerted for a House Fire at 369 Kauffman Rd in the 2nd Due just after 2am. Engine 1 and 2 hit the street soon after dispatch with 11. While enroute Engine 1 could see the house from miles away and notified dispatch. Engine 1 arrived on the scene 1st. Engine crew pulled a 2 1/2 inch handline and started a exterior attack.  606 Command immediately called for a Tanker Alarm.  A Tanker shuttle was setup and supplied Engine 1. Crews worked on the scene for approximately 3hrs. Engine 1 & 2 were placed back into service. Boswell, Jerome, Sipesville, and Acosta assisted. 2nd Alarm Tankers from Friedens, Stoystown, Hooversville, and Richland Twp also assisted605-99


Engine Crew gets work on 2 Alarm Fire in Lincoln Twp.

  Tuesday November 23rd 14:32HRS: The Tones dropped around 14:30hrs to assist 607 (Sipesville) with Tanker 4 and manpower for a 2 Alarm House Fire at 445 Salem Ave. in Lincoln Twp. Due to Tanker 4 being out of service Engine 1 hit the street with 5. Crews arrived and got the assignment to assist with extuinguishment. Engine crew worked on the scene for about 2hrs before being released by Command. Boswell, Stoystown, Somerset, Friedens, Jennerstown, Acosta, Bakersville, Listie, Rockwood  and New Centerville assisted Sipesville. The Red Cross was notified to assist the family.  605-98 

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Rescue runs 3 car accident with 604

  Monday November 22nd 14:58HRS: Dispatched to assist Station 604 (Stoystown) with a Rescue for a 3 car vehicle accident on Rt. 30 at Horner Church Rd. The Rescue and Ambulance hit the street and arrived to find 3 vehicles involved. Ambul 5 transported 1 patient with Medic 902 ( Somerset Ambulance Stoystown Station) to Conemaugh ER. Rescue Crew and 604 crew handled the traffic. The rescue was placed into service 16:22hrs. PSP is investigating.   605-97


Rescue runs Vehicle Fire on Rt. 219

  Sunday November 21st 02:02hrs: Dispatched for a Passenger Vehicle Fire on Rt. 219 South Bound South of Rt. 30. The Rescue hit the street with 4 followed by the tanker and arrived to find a Working Fire. Crews had the fire extuinguished within 10 minutes. 605 Chief had the Command. Both units were placed back into service at 03:25hrs.   605-96


Zoo Crew sent to the 2nd Due on reported House Fire

  Wednesday November 17th 09:46HRS: The BVFD was sent to the 2nd Due (Jennerstown) just before 10am for a reported structure fire at 1420 Hemlock Rd. in Jenner Township. Engine 1 and Tanker 4 hit the street with a total of 7. Engine 1 arrived on the scene 1st to find nothing showing exterior and 605 Engineer established Command. Homeowners advised that the fire was electrical in the subdivision. Engine crew gained access to the subdivision to find a minimal amount of smoke coming from the fuse box. Crews pulled the main fuse. Crews found no extension with the TIC (Thermal Imaging Camera). Crews ventilated the subdivision and division 1 and Command cancelled all units not yet on scene. Command then released all units on the scene. The Engine and Tanker were placed into service at 10:27hrs. Jennerstown, Jerome, Sipesville, and Acosta assisted.  605-95

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Tanker runs Garage Fire in Paint Twp.

 Monday November 1st 12:57HRS:  Tanker was requested special call for 2nd day in a row to a working garage fire with explosions on Seanor Rd in Paint Twp. Dist 616 (Scalp Level). Tanker 4 responded and could spotted the smoke column from miles away. Upon arrival much of the garage was to the ground. Tanker 4 shuttled several loads of water before being placed into service.    605-94


Fatal House Fire in Shade Twp.

  Sunday October 31st 04:57HRS: Dispatched special request for Tanker 4 to assist Shade Twp with a House Fire at 342 Miller Run Rd. The Tanker arrived and was staged then was not needed. The tanker was in service at 06:35hrs.  605-93


House Fire in the Borough

  Friday October 29th 20:19HRS: The BVFD was tapped out just before 8pm friday for a flue fire with extension at 505 Ohio St. in the Borough. The barn was emptied within minutes and crews arrived quickly to upgrade to a working house fire. Chief Bendick had Command. Engine 1 laid out from the plug. Crews had the fire extuinguished in about 30-45 minutes. Stoystown, Jennerstown, Jerome, and Richland Twp assisted. The PSP Fire Marshall was called to investigate.  605-92
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Minor Rollover on Penn Ave

 Saturday October 16th 13:57HRS: The BVFD were selling subs on Rt. 30 when we were alerted of a Rollover on Penn Ave. South of Jenners by a passerby. The Rescue and Engine responded along with EMS. Crews arrived to find 1 vehicle rolled over with 1 patient. Ambul 5 transported 1 patient to Conemaugh Hospital. Rescue 1 handled the debri and fluids leaking. Crews cleared the scene at 15:02hrs.    605-91

Reported Water Rescue at the Dam

  Sunday October 10th 15:09HRS: Crews dispatched for a Vehicle at the boat launch in the water sinking unknown if occupants are in the vehicle at the Quemahoning Dam. Brush 3 and Boat 7 responded along with The Rescue. 631 Chief arrived and found nobody in the vehicle and released 605 units. Units were in service at 15:19hrs.  605-90

Rescue runs accident assisting Jerome

  Saturday October 9th 21:07HRS: Dispatched to assist Jerome with a Vehicle into a pole on Penn Ave, South of Jerome. Rescue 1 responded and crews arrived to find nobody around the vehicle. The rescue was later released by 631 Command.  605-89

Engine 2 Handles another AFA at Christian Community Church

  Saturday October 2nd 19:38HRS: Dispatched for another Automatic Fire Alarm at 2610 Lincoln Hwy, Christian Community Church. Engine 2 responded and arrived to find a false alarm. Engine 2 returned to service.   605-88

Microburst hits the 1st Due putting the Zoo Crew to work

 Wednesday September 22nd 17:11HRS: 605 was tapped out for several weather related calls. The Microburst caused several power outtages, trees and wires to come down across our 1st Due. Crews finished up around 21:30hrs.   605-81 605-87

Rescue handles Tree Fire

 Sunday September 19th 22:48HRS: Dispatched for a Tree Fire at 173 Alwine Rd in Jenner Twp. Rescue 1 handled the incident. Crews had to cut the tree down to extuinguish the fire. The Rescue was placed into service after aproximately 1hr.   605-80

Engine and Tanker run Working Fire in Jerome

 Thursday September 16th 12:04HRS: 605 was hit out just after lunch time to assist Jerome (Sta. 631) with a Working Building Fire at the Jerome Sportsmens Club. Engine 2 and Tanker 4 hit the street soon after. 631 Engine arrived to find a working fire. Engine 2 arrived and setup a water supply to 631 Engine while Tanker 4 dropped a folda tank to feed Engine 2. Engine crew assisted with extuinguishment and overhaul. Crews worked for approximately 2 1/2 hrs before units were placed back into service. PSP Fire Marshall was called to investigate. Boswell, Richland Twp, Conemaugh Twp and Hollsopple assisted Jerome. A tanker alarm which included Stoystown, Jennerstown, and Sipesville also assisted.   605-79

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Wires down causes Brush Fire

 Monday September 6th 20:39HRS: Dispatched to tree and wire down on Quemahoning Dam Rd. 911 then advised that it was a possible vehicle fire or a vehicle accident. They then later advised that it was a brush fire. Ambul 6 responded first due to the possiblility of a motor vehicle accident. Brush 3 and Rescue 1 followed. Upon aproach of the green bridge Ambul 6 noticed an orange glow and  advised they had positive fire. Units arrived on scene to find a brush fire which was quickly extinguishd. A vehicle then stopped by an advised us that there was a tree down on power lines up the road. The tree was cut and the electric company was requsted for assisstance. Units were placed into service. 605-78


Tanker runs non emergency to Jerome for Hay Wagon fire

 Friday August 27th 13:54HRS: Special request per 631 Command for an additional water source out of 605 for a hay wagon on fire at 763 Thomas Rd. Tanker 4 responded non emergency due to there being no endangerment. Crews had to pull apart all the smoldering hay on the back of the wagon. Tanker 4 was placed back into service at 14:54hrs.  605-77


Bells Ringing at the Middle School

 Monday August 16th 15:26HRS: Dispatched assist Stoystown (Sta. 604) with an AFA at North Star Middle School in Kantner. Engine 2 responded with a staffing of 5. 604 Command arrived to find a false alarm and cancelled all units. Engine 2 was placed back into service. 605-76

Search on the Black Path

 Sunday August 15 00:25HRS: Received a call at the station from a male reporting that a person was down on the black path behind the firemans grove. Ambul 5, 6, and Brush 3 responded. 606 Ranger was also requested for off road assistance. The area was searched for 2hrs with nothing found. All units returned to service. 605-75

Another Fire in Ralphton

 Wednesday August 4th 17:05HRS: Dispatched for a Hay Wagon on Fire in the area Ralphton Rd. The Rescue Engine and Tanker hit the road. Rescue 1 found the fire to be on Mcvicker Rd. and was a controlled burn. Command placed all units in service.

Zoo Crew gets more work in Jerome

  Saturday July 31 22:37HRS: Dispatched second due assisting Jerome on a Working House Fire at 109 Conemaugh Ave. Both wagons hit the street with 10 volunteers.  Units arrived and were instructed to send their man power to the scene. Engine crew sent their mask men and quickly initiated interior attack with Jerome while others initiated an extterior attack. The fire was knocked down after approx a half hour of fighting the raging inferno. The thermal imaging camera was then used to extinguish remaining hotspots. The structure was overhauled and all units were in service at 02:25 HRS. Tanker 4 was later requested to assist Jerome on a rekindle. The unit was cancelled while responding. Boswell,  Richland Twp, Conemaugh Twp, and Hollsopple Fire Depts. assisted Jerome.  605-72,73

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Brush Fire in Ralphton

  Saturday July 31 13:08HRS: Dispatched to a Brush Fire in the area of 122 Two Mile Run Rd. Brush 3 responded first followed directly by Rescue 1 and Ambul 5. Units arrived on scene to find a large controlled burn quickly becoming uncontrolled. The fire was quickly controlled and and nearby smoldering dumpster was extinguished. Units continued to stand by untill the fire died down to a controllable amount. All units wer in service at 14:46HRS. 605-70


Vehicle Accident on 219 South

 Thursday July 29 09:04HRS: Dispatched assisting 601 with a vehicle accident on 219 South. 601 chief arrived on scene and canceled all dispatched companies prior to response. 605-69

Vandalism Puts Crews to Work

 Tuesday July 27 18:43HRS: Dispatched to Debris on the roadway at 330 Main St. next to the fire department. Crews cleaned glass off of the sidewalk that resulted from a broken window. Crews went in service shortly after the dispatch. 605-68

Tree Down  on Green Bridge Rd.

 Thursday July 19th 0709HRS: Dispatched to a Tree Down on Greenbridge Rd. Engine 605-2 responded and arrived on scene to find a large tree blocking the roadway. The tree was cut and removed. All units were in service at 09:18HRS. 605-67

Search Detail in the Borough

  Monday July 5th 1526HRS: Dispatched to a search detail at Kircher place. Brush 605-3 and ambul 605-5 handled the incident. A young girl had ran away from her residence a few hours prior. She was later found near the High School. All units in service at 16:23hrs. 605-66

Vehicle into the sign at the Christian Community Church

  Monday July 5th 10:15HRS: Dispatched to a vehicle accident with possibly no injuries on Rt. 30 at the Christian Community Church. Ambul 5 responded followed by Rescue 1. Units arrived on scene to find 2 vehicles, one into the church sign and another on the side of the roadway. Ambul 5 handled two refusals. Units cleared the scene after the towing service towed the vehicles. All units in service at 11:01hrs.   605-65


Vehicle Over the Embankment on Lincoln Highway

  Friday July 2nd 0919HRS: Dispatched to a Vehicle Accident with one vehicle over an embankment on RT 30 near Dunmeyer's Auto. Ambul 5 responded first followed by Rescue 1 and Engine 2. Units arrived to find one vehicle over an embankment with no injuries. Crews handled traffic control until the tow truck arrived. All units were in service at 11:03hrs. 605-64


Engine and Rescue respond to Oven Fire in Jerome

  Sunday June 13th 23:10HRS: Dispatched to assist Jerome (Sta. 631) on a Oven Fire at 113 Jerome Ave. The Engine and Rescue hit the road with a total of 10. Engine 2 got the assignment to stand by at the hydrant at Oak St. and Penn Ave. all other units were to stage at Sta. 631. 631 Command found no fire and later cancelled all units. The Engine and Rescue were placed back into service at 23:26hrs.   605-63

Cancelled on Appliance Fire in Acosta

  Tuesday June 8th 17:50HRS: Dispatched to assist Acosta (Sta. 608) with a Appliance Fire at 136 4th St. Acosta. 608 personall arrived on scene and cancelled all units.    605-62

Rescue Runs Trap Job on Stonebridge

  Saturday May 22nd 02:52HRS: Dispatched to assist 604(Stoystown) with a Vehicle Accident with entrapment in the area of 3909 Lincoln Hwy just after Stonebridge. Ambul 605-6 responded  followed by Rescue 1. Ambul 6's crew assissted Medic 902(Stoystown) with patient care while Rescue 1's crew assissted with extrication and clean-up. Station 603 was dispatched to set up a landing zone for Medstar 1. A landing zone was established off Goldsmith Rd.  Medstar 1 landed, however, the patient was unable to be flown. Medstar 1's crew consisting of a flight nurse and paramedic and an EMT from our station assissted Medic 902 with ground transport to a local trauma center.  Rescue 1 assisted with traffic. Units were in service at 03:49hrs. PSP is investigating. 605-61


Tree Down on Greenbridge Road

  Friday May 7th 15:01HRS: Dispatched for a Tree Down on Greenbridge Rd. Rescue 1 responded and arrived on scene to find one small tree blocking one lane. Units cleared the tree and debris from the roadway. All units were in service at 15:32hrs. 605-60

Motorcycle Accident on Ralphton Rd

  Wednesday May 5th 20:46HRS: Dispatched for a Motorcycle Accident with Injuries on Ralphton Rd. Ambul 5 responded by Rescue 1 and Ambul 6. Crews arrived to find 1 patient down over the embankment along with the motorcycle. Ambul 5 transported patient with Medic 950 (Somerset Ambulance Medic Unit) to Conemaugh Hospital. Rescue 1 remained remained on the scene and assisted PSP. Crew was in service at 21:34hrs.   605-59


Cottage Fire in Shade Twp

  Thursday April 26th 14:34HRS: Dispatched to Assist Stoystown (Sta. 604) with a Cottage Fire at 442 Old Forbes Rd. Shade Twp. Engine 2 responded followed by Tanker 4 and Brush fully staffed. Dispatch advised that 2nd call from the homeowner advising working fire. 604 Lieutenant arrived to find the cottage to the ground and the fire spreading into the woods. Engine 2 got the assignment to send all manpower to the scene to assist with extuinguishing the fire. Crews cleared the scene at 14:43hrs. Boswell, Friedens, Hooversville, and Somerset Ambulance (Stoystown Station) assisted Stoystown.  605-58


1 flown from Motorcycle Crash on Ralphton Rd

  Tuesday April 20th 14:29HRS: Dispatched with Medic 950 (Somerset Ambulance Paramedic Unit) and Medic 902 (Somerset Ambulance Stoystown Station) for a Motorcycle Accident with 1 person unconscious over an embankment at Ralphton Rd at Rt. 30 near the old Watkins Chevorlet. Ambul 5 responded followed by Rescue 1. Ambul 5 placed Med Star 1 on standby. Crews arrived to find patient 25-30 feet down and embankment. Med Star 1 was placed in the Air by Ambul 5. Rescue 1 established a landing zone in the parking lot of the old Watkins Chevorlet. Lieutenant had Command. Crews cleared at 15:21hrs.   605-57 


Wire Down in the Borough

  Thursday April 16th 17:32HRS: Dispatched for Wires Down on Ohio St. near the High School. Rescue 1 responded and arrived on scene to find wires down. Crew contacted dispatch with the pole number. Crews cleared the scene at 18:16hrs.  605-56

Zoo Crew handles Vehicle Fire for Acosta in there 1st Due

  Wednesday April 14th 15:28HRS: Dispatched to assist Acosta Fire Dept. with a Vehicle Fire at 240 Brogen Rd. Friedens. Rescue 1 responded followed by Tanker 4. Dispatched advised that they recieved a 2nd call from the caller advising the fire was endangering their house. Dispatched advised they were going to send a first alarm assignment bringing Jennerstown, and Sipesville. Rescue 1 arrived on the scene and took Command to find heavy fire in the engine compartment and cab. Engine Crew pulled a 1 3/4 trash line and extuinguished the fire. All incoming units were cancelled. 605 units cleared at 15:51hrs.   605-55


Smoke Investigation on Rt 30

  Wednesday April 14th 11:49HRS: Dispatched with Jennerstown Fire Dept. for a Smoke Investigation on Rt 30 between Jennerstown and Boswell. Brush 3 responded followed by Rescue 1. Crews found nothing. Units cleared at 12:05hrs.  605-54

Cancelled on 2nd Due Appliance Fire

  Tuesday April 13th 17:39HRS: Dispatched to assist Jennerstown Fire Dept. on a Appliance Fire at 386 Spangler Rd. Boswell. Engine 2 responded followed by Tanker 4. 606 units arrived on scene and cancelled all units. Crews cleared at 17:49hrs.      605-53

Zoo Crew Battles Fully Involved Truck Fire

  Sunday April 11th 13:39HRS: Dispatched to a Working Vehicle Fire on Rt. 30 just East of Rt. 219. Rescue 605-1 responded and arrived on scene to find a fully involved pickup truck fire. Crews immediately pulled a line from the Rescue and attacked the fire from the driver side of the vehicle. Because the vehicle's gas tank was perforated the fire was extremely difficult to control. The fire was knocked down multiple tiems but reignited due to the amount of flammable liquid leaking from the perforated gas tank. The gasoline began leaking down the burm of the road and also ignited quicly. A one inch line was pulled from the rescue to control the flammable liquid fire leaking down the highway. After attacking the fire vigorously for a while the rescue ran dry. Tanker 4 began responding from the station and 606(Jennerstown) was requested for an Engine and Tanker. Until the units arrived on scene the fire was controlled using an ABC fire extinguisher. Tanker 605-4 arrived on scene and began supplying the rescue with water. Foam was also induced into the line. Jennerstown's Engine and Tanker arrived on scene and assisted by pulling more hose lines. After a few minutes the fire was extinguished. All units were in service at 14:44hrs.    605-52


Phone Line Down on Center St

  Wednesday April 7th 12:02HRS: Dispatched Station Still to a Wire Down across the roadway at the Intersection of Center St and Garrett Ave. 605 Lieutenant responded and arrived to find a Phone Line down. Lieutenant and FF Shumaker removed the wire from the roadway, contacted dispatch with the pole number and cleared the scene.  605-52

Contolled Burn Gets Out of Control

  Tuesday April 6th 19:01HRS: Dispatched for a brush fire at 2494 Lincoln Hwy. Prior to responding a second call from the residence advised the fire was out. 605-51

Zoo Crew battles Brush Fire at Kircher Place

  Monday April 5th 18:05HRS: Dispatched for a Brush Fire behind 657 Kircher Place. Rescue 1, Brush 3, and Tanker 4 responded. Crews arrived to find a large fire that was spreading quickly. Crews went to work quickly using Indian tanks and brush rakes to attempt to contain the fire. Brush 3 accessed a trail off of the Boswood's Development and got behind the fire. Forestry Lines were pulled from brush 3 and a 1" line was pulled from the Rescue. After crews finally controlled the fire another separate fire was seen a few hundred feet from the original fire. This fire was quickly extinguished. Crews made a fire line around the fire and doused the section of forest that was already burned. Crew returned to service without further incident at 20:05hrs. This fire was ruled arson and the arsonists were quickly identified and turned into PSP.     605-50


Tanker 4 Brush 3 to Ideal on Brush Fire

  Monday April 5th 12:07HRS: Special Request for Tanker 4 and Brush 3 to assist Ideal (Sta 610) on a Brush Fire with a building involved at 157 Speicher Lane, Boswell. Tanker 4 responded followed by Brush 3. Crews arrived and got the orders to send man power from Brush 3 to the scene, and Tanker 4 to drop a Folda Tank at the end of the driveway and dump the water. 619 Engine Laid LDH down the driveway to Connect to 610 Engine while they pumped to the engines at the scene. 606 Tanker was having problems with their truck, so they returned letting Tanker 4 the only unit shuttling water. Tanker 4 shuttled 4 loads of water. 621 Engine had a fill site setup at a nearby pond. 605 Crews were on the scene for approximately 2hrs. Boswell, Jennerstown, Jerome, Conemaugh Twp, Conemaugh Twp EMS, and The Dept. of Forestry assisted Ideal.   605-49

Tanker 4 cancelled on assist to Ideal

  Saturday April 3th 16:42HRS: Special Call for Tanker 4 for a Appliance Fire at 420 Peterson Dr. Johnstown. District 610. Tanker 4 responded but was later cancelled by 610 Command. Tanker was in service at 16:51hrs.   605-48

Brush Fire in Pilltown

  Thursday April 1st 16:40HRS: Dispatched for a Brush Fire in the area of 712 Pilltown Rd. Prior to responding dispatch advised that there was a smoke inhalation patient on scene. Brush 3 responded followed by Ambul 5, Rescue 1, and Tanker 4. Crews arrived to find the fire in the woods with windy conditions. Crews quickly pulled the booster reel, and 1 1/2 line off brush 3 to extuinguish the fire. Additional trash lines were pulled off Rescue 1 to extuinguish hot spots. Ambul 5 transported 1 patient with Medic 950 to Somerset Hospital. Crews cleared the scene at 17:34hrs.   605-47


AFA at Boswell Lumber

  Tuesday March 30th 02:54hrs: Dispatched for a Auotmatic Fire Alarm at 4904 Penn Ave. Boswell Lumber Company. Engine 2 responded and dispatch advised that the alarm was showing smoke in the mill office. Engine 2 arrived to find nothing showing exterior, side Alpha. Engine crew along with the keyholder walked through the entire plant and found nothing. Engine 2 cleared the scene at 03:17hrs.   605-46

Church off in the 1st Due goes 2 alarms

  Saturday March 27th 20:12HRS: Dispatched for a Working Church Fire at 108 Church St. in Jenners St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church. 604,606,608 (Tanker Only) and Cambria Sta. 3 (Truck 3-2, and RIT Assignment) were also on the the initial alarm. Engine 2 responded first followed by Rescue 1, Tanker 4, Brush 3, Ambul 5 and Ambul 6. While responding Engine 2 was updated by by 911 that the fire was believed to be a basement fire and there was a large amount of flammable liquids in the basement. Engine 2 arrived at the Alpha side of the structure and confirmed the fire was primarily in the subdivision with flames through the Delta side of the structure. 605 Command requested a 2nd alarm at this time. A 2nd alarm assignment was tripped sending 603,607,614, and 631. Rescue 1 tagged a plug at the intersection of Main St. and Church St. and laid LDH into Engine 2.  Crews initially made an exterior attack that was through the walls and sent another crew to make entry on the Bravo side into the subdivision. When the crew entered the subdivision they found heavy fire and smoke conditions which was quickly extuinguished. One of our firefighters on the initial attack crew was electricuted when a 220 electrical wire fell sticking to him in the basement. Nearby responders and EMT's assisted him while Ambul 5 was sent to the scene from staging. He was transported to Conemaugh Hospital and is currently in stable condition. Shortly after this time access was being made on the Delta side when the fire flashed causing a smoke explosion which threw firefighters backwards off the porch. No injuiries were sustained by anyone involoved in the smoke explosion. Exterior crew laddered all 4 sides of the church for egress points.. Another crew made entry through the Charlie side of the church into the sanctuary finding heavy smoke conditions inside. This crew found no fire. A small fire that extended from the subdivision was found here and extinguished. Windows in the church were opened for positive pressure ventilation. Truck 3-2 setup and sent 2 firefighters to the roof to place a cut for ventilation. Units were released with the exception of Rescue 1 who remained on scene awaiting the Fire Marshall. The fire was ruled electrical. All units were in service at 22:56hrs.    605-45

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Assist to Stoystown for Brush Fire along Rt 30

  Friday March 26th 13:33HRS: Requested special call for Brush 3, and Engine 1 for a Field Fire near Medical Associates of Boswell (Stoystown) along Rt 30. Brush 3 arrived to find the fire extuinguished and Engine 1 was cancelled. 604 Command gave brush 3 to hit hot spots. Brush 3 was released shortly after. All units cleared the scene at 14:04hrs.    605-44

Crash sends 1 to Conemaugh

  Thursday March 25th 15:21HRS: Dispatched for a Vehicle Accident on Main St. near Rt 30. Ambul 5 responded followed by Rescue 1. Ambul 5 arrived to find the accident to be a single vehicle into a tree. Ambul 5 handled patient care on the single patient. Crew transported patient to Conemaugh Hospital with Medic 902. Rescue crew secured the car, handled traffic with Fire Police, and remained on the scene until towing service removed vehicle. PSP is investigating. all units were in service at 16:29hrs.     605-43


1 Unconscious after Accident involving Coal Truck

  Wednesday March 17th 09:46HRS: Dispatched with Medic 950 (Somerset Ambulance Medic Unit) for a Vehicle Accident invloving a Car and Coal Truck with reported entrapment on Rt. 30 at Rt. 219. 605 Commander responded direct and arrived to find 1 car in the middle of the west bound lane with severe damage to passengar side. Commander requested Med Star 1 be put in the air immediately due to an elderly female (Driver of the car) that was unconscious with multiple severe injuries. Ambul 6, Ambul 5, Rescue 1, and Brush 3 responded. Rescue 1 requested that Jennerstown Fire Dept be dispatched to set up a landing zone at Watkins Chevorlet parking lot. Med Star 1 transported patient by air to Conemaugh Hospital where patient was later pronounced dead. Crews had the west bound lane shut down for a period of time for PSP to investigate. All units were in service at 13:18hrs.   605-42

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Water Rescue Team  Responds to Hollsopple

  Saturday March 13th 11:39HRS: Dispatched to stand by in our station with the station water rescue team for Station 621 who was currently dealing with raising water. 605 was told to proceed to scene at 13:54HRS. 605 water rescue personnel responded with Brush 3 and Boat 7. Personnel arrived on scene and staged at Hollsopple Senior Center. Personnel geared up in full water rescue gear and were ready if the need for swift water rescue arose. Personnel worked to keep citizens away from the raising water. The main bridge going into Hollsopple was also restriccted to residents of the town who were leaving or going to get their belongings. Personnel were then alerted by a resident of raising water in their basement. Personnel checked the basement finding it was up into the furnace and near electrical outlets. The residence was evacuated and the electrical meter was pulled after recieving authorization by Penelec. Upon recieving an oreder from 670 Chief(Region 13 Swift Water Rescue team) 605 personnel assisted in evacuation of the town of Hollsopple. The Fire Department and Command Post was moved to the Hollsopple Community Center. Residents were moved to relatives houses, the high school, and St. Davids. 605 Personnel were released to return to station for nourishment and to recover for approximately an hour. One of our water rescue technicians remained on scene with the boat and ended up providing first aid to an elderly fall victim before other members returned. Personnel later returned to scene. Ambul 605-6 also responded and stood by on scene if the need for oxygen Emergency Medical Services came about. 605's Team patrolled the town throughout the night to prevent any robberies and ensure the residents who opted to "tough it out" remained safe and kept their distance from the swift river. Ambul 605-6 went to work later in the evening for a chest pain patient. Medic 640(Conemaugh Twp.) was requested for transport to the hospital. 605's Team was later alerted that a break-in occured in one of the residences in the town. Personnel proceeded to patrol the town throughout the night and kept log of the residents who refused to leave the town if the need for an emergency mandatory evacuation came about. Water levels later began to lower and the bridge was reopened when safe. Personnel were released around 0300 the next day. All units returned to service without further incident. A big thanks to 621 for an extremely well organized operation! We would also like to thank the hollsopple community center for providing a command post and food and drink when the fire department was evacuated. Boswell, Scalp-Level, Jerome, and Oakland Fire Departments and Fire Police assisted Hollsopple. Team 652 and Team 670 also assisted. 605-41

Pumped Basement Floods Again

  Friday March 12th 15:05HRS: Dispatched for a Flooded Basement at 296 Green Bridge Rd. in Jenner Twp. Engine 2 responded and arrived on scene to find significantly more water than  last time. The basement was pumped again and Engine 2 cleared the scene and returned to service at 16:35HRS. 605-40

Melting Snow causes another Flooded Basement

  Thursday March 11th 17:28HRS: Dispatched for a Flooded Basement at 296 Green Bridge Rd. in Jenner Twp. Engine 2 responded and arrived to find enough water in the basement for pumping. The basement was pumped and Engine 2 cleared the scene and returned to service at 18:43hrs.   605-39

Electrical Fire in the 2nd Due

  Thursday March 11th 06:27HRS: Dispatched to the 2nd Due for a Electrical Fire at 115 Brehm Rd. in Jenner Twp. Engine 2 and Tanker 4 responded. E 631-1 arrived first to find live power lines down that was arching. The lines that were down went into the electrical box that was connected to the house. Interior crews found light smoke in the residence.  Crews found no extenstion in the walls with a TIC (Thermal Imager Camera). 606 Asst. cancelled all units with the exception of 606,605, and 631. Penelec was notified to kill the power to the residence. Engine and Tanker cleared the scene at 07:29hrs. Boswell, Sipesville, Acosta, and Jerome assisted Jennerstown.   605-38

Flooded Basement

  Wednesday March 10th 12:52HRS: Dispatched for a Flooded Basement at 4811 Penn Ave. Engine 2 responded and arrived to find approximately 5" of water in the basement. Crews pumped the water out and returned to service at 1420hrs.   605-37

Vehicle vs Pedestrian Accident with Entrapment on Main St

  Tuesday March 9th 10:40HRS: Dispatched with Medic 902 (Somerset Ambulance Stoystown Sta.) for a Vehicle vs Pedestrian Accident with Entrapment on Main St. in front of Hoffmans Funeral Home. Ambul 5 & 6 along with Rescue 1 responded. Upon arriving on scene bystanders had already extricated the victim from underneath the vehicle. Med Star 1 was placed on stand by and later cancelled. Crews found 2 patients on scene. Rescue crew stabilized the vehicle. Both patients were transported to the local trauma center, Conemaugh Hospital to be treated for their injuries. The driver of the vehicle tried fleeing the scene but was caught soon after by Boswell PD. The Driver was taken into custody by Boswell PD and transported to Somerset Hospital for testing. Rescue crew along with fire police handled traffic until towing service removed car.  605 Asst. 3 had Command. Crews cleared the scene at 11:59hrs. Boswell Boro PD is investigating.  605-36


Smell of Oil in the Residence

  Monday March 8th 14:46HRS: Dispatched for a smell of oil in the residence at 193 Main St. Jenners. 605 personell responded and arrived to find oil that was spilled in the yard of that residence. Homeowner states that she just had her oil tanks filled up. Crew contacted 601 Hazmat Lt. Crew cleared the scene at 15:20hrs.     605-35

Minor Rollover on 219

  Sunday March 7th 1831HRS: Dispatched for a Motor Vehicle Accident with no injuries on Rt. 219 North of Rt. 30. Rescue 1 responded and arrived on scene to find 1 vehicle on its roof partially blocking the roadway. Rescue crew handled traffic until towing service removed car.  Rescue 1 cleared the scene at 19:44hrs. PSP assisted at the scene.  605-34


Roof Collapse on Main St

  Friday March 5th 22:41HRS: Dispatched for a Roof Collapse at 213 Main St. the old BJ Maurer building. Rescue 1 responded followed by Ambul 6. Crews arrived to find the roof collapsed in the structure. No body was in the building at the time of the collapse. Crew had the gas shut off to the residence. The owners were notified and all units cleared the scene at 23:23hrs.  605-33


Rescue 1 runs early morning Accident

  Tuesday March 4th 04:49HRS: Dispatched for a Vehicle over an Embankment in front of 2318 Lincoln Hwy. in Jenner Twp. Ambul 6 responded followed by Rescue 1. Ambul 6 arrived to find 1 vehicle over an embankment stuck in the snow. Driver and Passengar of the vehicle advised they were uninjured, just stuck. Ambul 6 cancelled Medic 950 (Somerset Ambulance Medic Unit). The Driver of the vehicle was taken into custody by PSP for DUI. Ambul 6 returned to service. 605 Chief had Command. Rescue Crew remained on the scene and handled traffic until towing service removed car. Rescue 1 cleared the scene at 06:12hrs.    605-32


Minor Crash on Ralphton Rd

  Monday March 1st 10:56HRS: Dispatched for a Motor Vehicle Accident with unknown injuries on Ralphton Rd. in the area of Watkins Chevorlet. Ambul 5 and Rescue 1 responded. Crews arrived to find  2 vehicles involved with no injuries. 605 Chief had Command. Crews handled traffic until towing service removed vehicles from roadway. Units were cleared the scene at 12:09hrs. PSP is investigating.    605-31


Engine 2 responds on Smoke in a Structure in Jenner Twp

  Monday March 1st 08:34HRS: Dispatched to 520 Rolling Hill Rd. in Jenner Twp. for a Smoke in a Structure. Engine 2 responded, dispatch advised that clothing fell on top of a wood burner filling the house with smoke. They advised that the caller believed that there was no fire. Engine 2 arrived to find light smoke visible in the residence. Homeowner stated that her daughter was in the house and could possibly have smoke inhalation. 605 Lt. requested 605-5 to the scene to evaluate the patient. Patient was then transported to hospital by POV. Engine crew had 8ppm of CO in division 2 of the residence. Engine crew ventilated the structure and all units were in service at 09:34hrs.    605-30

Working House Fire in Laurel Mountain Village

  Saturday February 27th 04:31HRS:  Dispatched to assist Jennerstown(Sta.606) with a Working Structure Fire at 319 Zermatt Rd. in the Laurel Mountain Village. 605 dumped the firehouse sending Rescue 1, Engine 2, Brush 3, and Tanker 4. Rescue 1 arrived first along with E606-1 and was staged by 606 Asst. approximately a half mile away from the structure. Due to the winter conditions all larger trucks were unable to directly access the residence. Rescue 1 sent its packed crew members by foot to the structure and staged to provide water to fill mini pumpers. Engine 2 and Tanker 4 staged on the hard road. By the time rescue 1's crew arrived at the residence the structure was fully involved. Boswell's,Darlington's, Sipesville's, and Jennerstown's 4x4 trucks fought the fire with Darlingtons (CAFS) compressed air foam, however there was not enough water avilable to completely extinguish the fire. In addition, by the time the 4 wheel drive trucks accessed the structure it was too far gone to save the structure. Ultimately the fire was a total loss estimated at about $500,000 dollars. All 605 units were in service at 08:24hrs.    605-29

 Daily American Article        Photo Gallery of Fire

Crew assists Jerome with Traffic on Accident

  Friday February 26th 08:43HRS: Dispatched to assist Jerome (Sta.631) on shutting down Rt. 601 due to an Accident at Speigle Rd. in Jenner Twp. Brush 3 and Rescue 631-3 handled traffic for an hour until towing service removed vehicles from roadway. PSP assisted at the scene.    605-28

Tanker 4 cancelled on Kitchen Fire

  Wednesday February 17th 18:31HRS: Disptatched to assist Ideal (Sta. 610) with Tanker 4 on a Kitchen Fire that was possibly out at 2586 Somerset Pike, Johnstown. Tanker 4 responded and was cancelled enroute by 610 Chief. Tanker 4 was in service at 18:49hrs.   605-27

Tanker 4 runs Fire in Ideal

  Saturday February 13th 15:56HRS: Disptached to assist Ideal (Sta. 610) with Tanker 4 on a Structure Fire, at 408 Peterson Dr. Johnstown. Tanker responded and got the assignment to stage at the Ideal fire house parking lot. Tanker 4 staged for approximately 45min and was not needed. Tanker 4 was released by 610 Command and in service at 16:47hrs.   605-26

Dryer Fire in Jenner Twp

  Friday February 12th 09:22HRS: Shortly after crews cleared from the vehicle fire it wasnt long untill the ZOO Crew was back at work on the 3rd fire of the month. A first alarm assignment was dispatched to the 1st Due at 144 Bittner Rd in Jenner Twp. Rescue 1, Emgine 2 responded along with Ambul 6. 605 Chief had Command. Rescue 1 arrived first on scene to find smoke showing. Crews made entry into the basement of the structure where they  found a dryer fire which was quickly extinguished. Crews also found high levels of CO around 35PPM.  The structure was ventilated and crews returned to service at 11:11hrs. Stoystown, Jennerstown, Acosta, and Richland Twp assissted. 605-25


Rescue & Tanker Run Vehicle Fire

  Friday February 12th 08:37HRS: Dispatched for a Vehicle Fire in the area of 937 Boswell Hts. in Boswell Borough. Rescue 1 responded followed by Tanker 4. Engine 1 arrived to find a working fire in the engine compartment. Rescue crew got a quick knockdown. Tanker 4 was released. 605 Chief had command. Units were in service at 09:21hrs.   605-24


Water Line Break in Residence

  Tuesday February 9th 11:24HRS: Dispatched for a Water Line Break in a Residence at 5143 Front St. in Jenners. Engine 1 and Brush 3 responded. Crews arrived to find a base board heater leaking water in the kitchen of the residence. There was 2" of water in the kitchen. Crew shut the water main off at the heater. Crew returned to service at 11:53hrs.  605-23

Rescue Runs Minor Crash on Rt 219

  Tuesday February 9th 07:52HRS: Dispatched with Medic 950 (Somerset Ambulance) for a Crash on Rt. 219 South of the Rt. 30 exit. Ambul 5 responded followed by Rescue 1. Ambul 5 arrived to find 2 vehicles involved 1 on the roadway. Rescue 1 arrived and along with Fire Police handled the traffic. Ambul 5 cancelled Medic 950, and handled 1 patient refusal. Crews remained on the scene until towing service removed vehicle from roadway. PSP assisted at the scene. Units cleared the scene at 09:09hrs.   605-22

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1st Due Job in Jenners during the "Blizzard of 2010"

  Sunday February 7th 12:20HRS: Dispatched for a Structure Fire in the First Due across from 5137 Front St in Jenners. Engine 605-2 responded along with Rescue 1, Tanker 4, and Ambul 5. A full first alarm assignment was dispatched to the residence including Stoystown, Jennerstown, Acosta, and Richland Twp for RIT. Engine 2 arrived first on scene and found all persons out of the residence. 605 Chief had Command. Captain Huzsek and Lieutenant Revak made entry on the Bravo Side of the structure into the the basement to find fire in the ceiling that extended into the insulation. Crew had knockdown within ten minutes. Crews then began overhauling. Crews laddered Alpha and Delta side, and ventilated division 2 with PPV. Crews cleared the scene 15:30hrs.   605-21

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Structure Fire in Stoystown

 Tuesday February 2nd 15:45HRS: Dispatched for a Structure Fire assisting Stoystown(604) to 105 R Lower Rd. in Reading Mines.  Units were cancelled prior to responding.    605-20

Vehicle on 219 Ends Up on Mastillo Road

 Saturday January 30th 10:04HRS: Dispatched for a Vehicle Accident with Injuries on Mastillo Rd. Ambul 605-5 responded first followed by Rescue 1. Ambul 5 arrived on scene to find one vehicle down an embankment off of 219. There was one patient and was later released by EMS. Fire Crews were not needed. All units were in service at 10:44hrs. Jerome Fire and Conemaugh Twp EMS assisted.   605-19

CO Alarm no symptoms

  Thursday January 28th 11:22HRS: Dispatched for a CO Alarm with no symptoms at 142 Bedford St. in Jenners. Engine 2 responded. Engine Crew entered the residence with Gas Meter. Crews went through the whole house and had no reading on the meter. Engine 2 cleared the scene at 11:49hrs.    605-18

Busy day after Rain Storm

  Monday January 25th: Crews were dispatched to multiple flood related calls after a raim storm hit the area. Engine 2 handled all the incidents.     605-14 - 605-17

Ice Storm sends Zoo crew to 2 early morning calls

  Friday January 22nd 04:23HRS: Dispatched for Traffic Control for a Jack Knifed Tractor Trailer on Alwine Rd. in Jenner Twp. Rescue 1 and Ambul 5 responded. Crews arrived to find a tractor trailer stuck on the ice in the middle of the roadway blocking both lanes. Crews handled traffic until the Township arrived and ashed the roadway. Truck was able to get moving again. Crews returned to service at 05:25hrs.     605-13 

  Friday January 22nd 03:36HRS: Dispatched to assist Acosta, and Somerset Ambulance with a Vehicle into a pole on Rt. 601 on the North side of Hemmingers Junkyard. Ambul 5 responded followed by Rescue 1. Crews arrived in that area and nothing was found. 605 units cleared and returned to service at 04:00hrs.     605-12

Vehicle on its side on Penn Ave

  Monday January 18th 21:41HRS: Dispatched to assist Acosta, and Somerset Ambulance with Rescue 1 and Ambul 6 for a Vehicle on its side on Penn Ave, between Hemmingers Junkyard and Acosta Rd. Ambul 6 responded followed by Rescue 1. Rescue 608-3 arrived to find one pick up truck on its side on a snow bank. Rescue 608-3 advised that 1 patient was out of the vehicle and it was a possible refusal. Rescue 1 was cancelled. Ambul 6 handled the refusal and was released by Medical Command. Ambul 6 cleared at 22:03hrs.     605-11

Zoo crew runs late night job in the 1st Due

  Saturday January 16th 23:55HRS: Dispatched by Somerset 911 to a Structure fire at 125 Church St. in Jenners. Engine 2 responded along with Rescue 1, Tanker 4 and Ambul 6. Upon Engine 2's arrival, 605 Chief gave the update of a working structure fire. Rescue 1 tagged the hydrant at the corner of Church St. and Cloud St. and laid LDH into the scene. 605 1st Asst. and firefighter Venzon made the initial entry to find heavy smoke but no fire on the second division and no occupants still in the building. Other Secondary crews found heavy fire on division one and the subdivision. crews laddered side bravo and ventilated division 2. The fire was quickly extinguished. crews performed overhaul operations and found no hot spots on the thermal imaging camera. 605 chief released all units. PSP Fire Marshal was requested to the scene and is investigating. All units were in service at 03:00hrs. Jennerstown, Stoystown, and Acosta assisted Boswell.  605-10


Flue Fire with Extension in the 2nd Due

  Thursday January 14th 07:30HRS: Dispatched to assist Jennerstown with a Flue Fire with Extension at 279 Keysertown Rd. in Jenner Township. Engine 2 responded followed by Engine 1 and Tanker 4. Engine 2 arrived and had the orders to check the residence for extension. Crew found no extension. Crew immediately went to the roof. Crews found a clogged flue with fire. Crews removed pipe into to the flue to get better access to where it was clogged. Crews cleaned out the flue and dumped dry powder down it to extuinguish the fire.  606 Command released all units. Boswell, Sipesville, Acosta, and Ligioner assisted Jennerstown. 605 Units were in service at 09:16hrs.    605-09
                                            Video of Engine 2 response


Multiple Crashes on 219

  Saturday January 9th 08:05HRS: Dispatched by Somerset 911 to a motor vehicle accident on 219 near mile marker 40. Engine 1 and Ambul 6 responded and arrived on scene to find one vehicle off the roadway in a snow drift. Ambul 6 handled a patient refusal at this accident. While on scene we were reactivated for another accident a half mile north of the Que Bridge. It was found this was anly a disabled vehicle that slid off the highway and was stuck in snow. Fire and EMS was not needed. Rescue 1, Engine 2, and Ambul 5 responded to the second, while Ambul 6 remained at the first accident untill the towing company arrived. All units were in service at 09:06hrs.   605-07 & 605-08

Trap Job on 219

  Wednesday Jamuary 6th 07:55HRS:  Dispatched by Somerset 911 with medic 950 for a Vehicle Accident with Unknown Injuries at Rt. 219 1 mile South of Rt. 30. Rescue 1 and Ambul 6 responded and found one vehicle involved. One vehicle was rolled over on its side in the north lane. Entrapment was confirmed and fire department began extrication by removal of the windshield. Patient was extricated and transported to a local trauma center by 605-6.  All units were in service at 10:00hrs.  605-05


Jennerstown Dumps Station for Barn Fire, We replace them.........

  Monday January 4th 19:54HRS:  Dispatched by Somerset 911 in place of Station 606 for a Vehicle Fire at 2124 Lincoln Hwy. Rescue 1 responded along with Engine 2 and Ambul 6 and arrived on scene to find a vehicle fire in the drivers side of a white van that could possibly endanger a nearby structure. Firefighter used a water can to extinguish the fire and disconnected the battery. A sawzall was used to gain entry to the engine compartment due to the fire completely destroying the hood release mechanism. All 605 units were in service at 20:38hrs.  605-04 


Tanker 4 Assists Sipesville

  Monday January 4th 18:58HRS:  Dispatched by Somerset 911 for a Tanker assist for a Barn Fire in Sipesville(607). Tamker 4 responded and was staged and was not needed. All units were in service at  20:44hrs.  605-03

Disabled Vehicle on 219

  Sunday January 3rd 15:22HRS:  Dispatched to a disabled vehicle on Rt. 30 near Rt. 219. Brush 3 responded and provided traffic control until the vehicle could be moved. All units were in service at 15:59hrs.  605-02

Rescue Runs First MVA of the New Year

  Sunday January 3rd 14:59HRS: Dispatched with Medic 950 to a rollover on Route 219 one mile North of the Jennerstown exit. Ambul 605-6 responded, followed by Rescue 1. Ambul 6 arrived first  on scene and found the patient was already self extricated. The patient  was trying to leave the scene. Firefighters handled traffic control untill the vehicle was towed. The driver of the vehicle was transported by PSP. PSP is ivestigating. All units were in service at 16:09hrs.  605-01